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A Dry Space Under Your Deck Adds Value and Function to Any Home in Washington, California, Maryland or Anywhere Else in the Country

dry space under deckA dry living space under your deck can be the perfect refuge on a rainy day, and is possible with an under deck system from Ultimate Underdeck. Plus, with our artistic designs and our many choices of wood grain and color finishes, you can be sure that we will create an under deck to complement your home’s unique style and décor. In addition to our stunning designs, we use a patented water drainage system and the most dependable materials when building our structures. We build our structures so they are built to last.

Ultimate Underdeck ensures the strength and reliability of your under deck structure by:

  • Using premium grade alloy to support the cross sections in your deck
  • Fastening support grids with the tough, ceramic coated screws
  • Implementing an under deck drainage system that diverts water flow

Thanks to top notch construction and innovative design, our under deck will keep your family, furniture, and belongings dry during even the most severe rainstorms. In fact, our under deck system has been proven to withstand 15 inches of rain per hour, so you can rest assured knowing your under deck space will stay dry. Plus, when the harsh summer sun is just too much to take, you can escape to the pleasant shade of your dry under deck, where ceiling fans can be easily installed to help combat summer heat.

Contact Ultimate Underdeck today to explore your options for creating a dry space under your deck. We will do our best to create a stylish and functional outdoor living area for you and your family to enjoy – no matter what the weather!

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