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Vinyl Under Deck vs. Ultimate Underdeck – See the Difference for Yourself

Vinyl Under Deck vs. Ultimate UnderdeckOne of the most popular types of under deck systems available is the vinyl under deck. While these systems are effective in keeping your under deck dry and are weather and rot resistant, they do little to enhance the style of your home. If the only thing you are interested in when shopping for an under deck system is keeping your porch dry, then a vinyl system may be perfect for you. However, if you are interested in increasing the value of your home with a beautiful outdoor living space that adds to the exterior beauty, then you can’t go wrong with Ultimate Underdeck.

Unlike a vinyl under deck, our systems offer more than just a dry space. Our product features:

  • Strength – Our under decks are constructed from a high-strength alloy that supports the cross sections of your deck while diverting water flow away from your porch without ceiling sag. Our patented design can handle up to 15 inches of rain per hour and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, including salty sea-side environments.
  • Reliability – With a lifetime labor and material warranty you never have to worry about your under deck causing you problems like leaking, sagging, or separating.
  • Beauty – Unlike a vinyl under deck, which is usually only available in basic white or beige, an Ultimate Underdeck is available in 10 stunning colors including wood grains. It is also extremely easy to install overhead lighting and fans into our system, allowing you to have a luxurious, homey outdoor room.
  • Convenience – Our systems can be installed quickly, within a week in most cases. Our network of dealers and experienced contractors spans the entire country, which means there is an Ultimate Underdeck distributor nearby that can build your under deck and assist you with creating the space if your dreams quickly and affordably.

If you would like more information about how an Ultimate Underdeck surpasses a vinyl under deck contact us today. Our product speaks for itself, and we are confident that you will agree with us: nothing beats an Ultimate Underdeck!

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