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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We're planning a party in three weeks. How long does it take to complete the installation?
A: Your choice of finish will determine the schedule. Inventoried colors and finishes can be installed in a matter of days. Factory ordered finishes might require several weeks to install.

Q: Our deck is in pretty bad shape. Does it make sense to dry in below a deck that may need replacing in a year or two?
A: The Ultimate Underdeck representative can examine your deck and determine if the structure is sound and what kind of life you can expect from your existing deck. The deck planks of an old deck can usually be replaced even after the Ultimate Underdeck is installed.

Q: Our deck is 300 feet from the ocean. Wouldn't a vinyl system be a better choice for that salt air environment?
A: If your deck is three hundred feet from the ocean, why put vinyl on such an expensive piece of property? The entire Ultimate Underdeck system is engineered and manufactured to withstand decades of weathering, even in the salty air of the seashore.

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