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Our Under Deck System – Stay Dry and Beautify Your Home in Georgia, Virginia, California, Maryland, or Elsewhere in the US

If you want to expand your living space and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without worrying about wet weather or hot sun, there’s no better way than with an under deck system. But, how can you “dry in” your deck without compromising the style and beauty of your home? The answer is Ultimate Underdeck. This high quality, cost-effective system allows you to keep your deck under cover, protecting your patio – and its furnishings – from the elements while actually enhancing the look of your home. Its patented design combines outstanding water management and drainage with the strength of an engineered system, the durability of advanced materials, and the architectural refinement worthy of the most gracious home to provide an under deck system that is unlike anything else available.

Benefits of Ultimate Underdeck include:

  • Strength – made of heavy gauge alloy panels with grid supports across the structure, this ceiling never sags or separates. In addition, ceramic-coated screws are used for every installation to avoid corrosion and weakening of the supports.
  • Efficiency – this under deck system can withstand even the heaviest rainfall and has been designed and tested to handle up to fifteen inches of rain and hour. Ultimate Underdeck is installed to allow rainwater to flow in the space between the ceiling and the deck above and into the gutters of the home.
  • Beauty – Unlike most systems, Ultimate Underdeck has been designed with style in mind as well as functionality. Engineered supports keep the ceiling from sagging but are also hidden by eight-inch panels to create a smooth, sleek look. These panels are available in ten beautiful, true-to-life finish colors and are finished with elegant trim to add a subtle beauty.

For more information on installing the Ultimate under deck system to create a dry under deck space for your home, or to learn about joining our network of nationwide dealers, contact us today.

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