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An Under Deck Ceiling Will Keep the Space Beneath Your Deck Dry in Kennesaw, GA

Under Deck Ceiling Kennesaw GAHaving an under deck ceiling installed at your home in Kennesaw, Georgia, is one way to keep the space beneath your deck completely dry. Imagine what you could do with all that extra space! Many homeowners who choose to have an under deck system installed do so in order to create an extra patio area, but the space can also be used for storage or however you see fit.

At Ultimate Underdeck, we create under deck ceiling systems that stand out from others in the industry. Whereas competitors’ products are often available in limited color options, ours are available in several different finishes and a whole palette of colors. Our selection includes:

  • Satin finishes – champagne, pewter, brown, white, sandy beige, wineberry, clay
  • Woodgrain laminates – rock maple, dark mahogany, light cherry, medium teak, karri

Of course, the under deck systems that we make here at Ultimate Underdeck are also very durable. The ceiling panels are made of a sturdy metal that will not become brittle or rot over time, as other materials inevitably will. These panels are held in place by a strong support grid that will ensure no sagging or separation of the panels will ever occur. Further, all of this is held in place by ceramic-coated screws that are resistant to corrosion. Thanks to its robust design, our underdecking can handle up to 15 inches of rain per hour – quite a downpour!

If you are interested in having an under deck ceiling installed at your home in Kennesaw, GA, contact Ultimate Underdeck today. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.

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