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Outdoor Living Spaces Created for Homes in Oregon, Washington, Georgia, and the Rest of the Nation

outdoor living spacesOutdoor living spaces can make a home more enjoyable for both the owner and their guests. While decks and patios can be enjoyed when the weather is nice, but an under deck roof system can provide a comfortable outdoor living area that can be enjoyed even during rain or snow. Unfortunately, most under decks come in a dull vinyl material with colors that limit your design options. Ultimate Underdeck is different, with 10 attractive finishes that can match any home’s décor.

Ultimate Underdeck comes in the following gorgeous finishes:

  • Smooth satin
    • Clay
    • Sandy Beige
    • White
    • Wineberry
    • Champagne
  • Wood grain laminates
    • Rock maple
    • Medium teak
    • Straight grain karri
    • Cathedral cherry
    • Dark Mahogany

Whether it’s a dark wood to match a cabin in Oregon or a bright white to match a Virginia plantation home, Ultimate Underdeck has a finish to match outdoor living spaces with nearly any home design. While having a stylish under deck ceiling can enhance your home’s appearance, it’s even more important to have a waterproof under deck system that will keep your furniture and other fixtures dry. Our under deck drainage system is designed, installed and tested by professionals to ensure that it can withstand up to 15 inches of rain per hour. And with our lifetime no-leak guarantee, you can rest assured that your under deck outdoor room stays dry.

Our nationwide network of dealers allows us to create outdoor living spaces with an Ultimate Underdeck for homeowners in Georgia, Washington, Maryland, Virginia and nationwide, so contact us today for more information.

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