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Beautiful Roof Options for Under Deck Living Areas in Georgia, Idaho, Washington, Illinois, and Beyond

roof under deckFor years, homeowners have had few roof options for under deck living spaces. But Ultimate Underdeck offers an incredible variety of attractive ceilings and drainage systems that can help extend the beauty of your home to the outdoor living area under your raised deck. Though most under deck ceiling companies only offer two color choices – white and beige – we have a selection of 10 finishes that can beautifully complement your home’s exterior. While you might think a system that offers so much more than the competition would also cost more, Ultimate Underdeck ceilings are priced comparably to most other ceiling systems on the market. Beyond offering more color options than most other under deck ceilings on the market, Ultimate Underdeck systems also provides many other features that you can’t get with any other under deck ceiling available. 

When you invest in our roof for your under deck area, you’ll also get:

  • A built-in drain system that can handle torrential rain – as much as 15 inches per hour
  • Quality components that are made from titanium-stabilized aluminum alloy and include ceramic-coated screws
  • A no-leak guarantee and a lifetime parts and labor warranty

With the unbeatable durability and many aesthetic options our systems offer at a price that won’t break the bank, you simply won’t find a better value. 

We can install our roof system for under deck outdoor living spaces in California, North Dakota, South Carolina, and throughout the United States. Please contact Ultimate Underdeck today for more information.

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