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Underdeck Ceilings for Atlanta

underdeck AtlantaIf you need an affordable, leak-resistant ceiling for the underdeck of your Atlanta home, be sure to look to Ultimate Underdeck. We specialize in installing exceptional underdeck ceilings that come with a no-leak guarantee and are priced similarly to conventional deck ceiling and drain systems. What makes our underdeck ceiling system superior to most others? Our patented, titanium-stabilized aluminum alloy structure resists the warping and seam separation that hinder most vinyl ceiling systems. Though vinyl deck drain systems often suffer seam separation and leak because they’re prone to contracting in cold weather and expanding in hot temperatures, our underdeck ceilings withstand Atlanta weather, so you can depend on leak-free protection year-round. Ultimate Underdeck can even handle torrential rainfall of up to 15 inches per hour, so you can be sure your living space will remain dry even during the rainiest days. Plus, our system can resist damage from the snow and ice that occasionally affect the Peach State.

In addition to superior protection, Ultimate Underdeck offers Atlanta homes a selection of 10 beautiful satin and woodgrain finish colors, including:

  • Champagne
  • Clay
  • White
  • Sandy beige
  • Wineberry
  • Straight grain karri
  • Rock maple
  • Dark mahogany
  • Cathedral cherry
  • Medium teak

If you’re looking for a great combination of incredible rain protection and exceptional beauty for the underneath deck living area of your home, look no further than Ultimate Underdeck. We serve Atlanta as well as the rest of the country, so please contact us today for more information.

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