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Creating Outdoor Rooms Beneath Raised Decks in Colorado, Tennessee, Maryland, Oregon, Washington and Beyond

outdoor roomsOutdoor rooms make a great addition to any home, and give you a wonderful place to enjoy the natural beauty around your home. While creating this room may seem like a complicated project, if you have a raised deck it’s easier than you think to get a new outdoor living space. The Ultimate Underdeck is a roofing system that attaches to the underside of your deck and prevents precipitation, dirt and debris from falling through, transforming the area beneath into a dry, comfortable patio. In as little as 2 weeks, our professional home improvement contractors can have this durable and attractive system installed, so our customers can quickly start enjoying their new outdoor rooms. The Ultimate Underdeck is made of heavy-gauge aluminum alloy that will never corrode, even in salt air, and won’t expand or contract with changing temperatures. The system attaches to a raised deck using a locking frame which can support ice and snow as well as fans, lights and nearly any other ceiling fixture our customers might want in their outdoor rooms. We’re so confident our system will never break, bend, warp, crack, corrode, or sag that we offer a lifetime warranty on all materials and a lifetime no-leak guarantee.

The Ultimate Underdeck is perfect for creating outdoor rooms that match any home’s style, with attractive solid-color and wood grain laminate finishes, including:

  • Wineberry
  • Clay
  • Champagne
  • Rock Maple
  • Straight Grain Karri
  • Cathedral Cherry
  • And many more

For more information on creating outdoor rooms with the Ultimate Underdeck, contact us today. We’re happy to help customers in Washington, California, Virginia, Maryland and throughout the USA.

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