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Create an Outdoor Living Area in California, Oregon, South Carolina, Delaware and Throughout the U.S.A.

outdoor living areaCreating an outdoor living area at your home can be simple when you have a raised deck. By adding a waterproof under deck to the existing structure, you can quickly “dry in” the area beneath and convert it into comfortable outdoor living space. On the other hand, finding an under deck system that provides the right look to make this outdoor living room attractive can be much more difficult. Fortunately, the Ultimate Underdeck comes in a range of elegant finishes that can be used to suit whatever ideas you have in mind. While most under deck systems use a dull white or beige vinyl, our heavy gauge alloy panels receive either a bright satin finish or wood grain laminate. Whether you own a plantation home in Georgia or a cabin in Colorado, one of our ten different finishes is sure to match.

The Ultimate Underdeck is also one of the strongest under decks available with features including:

  • Professional installation that ensures your under deck performs at its best year after year
  • Ceramic coated connecting screws that won’t corrode or damage the supporting structure
  • A locking support grid that keeps your under deck solidly in place
  • And more

We know that the durability we engineer into all of our products will keep your outdoor living area dry and comfortable for years to come. We guarantee your under deck will never leak and we also offer a lifetime parts and labor warranty, so you can count on a speedy and free repair if it ever does.

To learn more about how to create an outdoor living area with Ultimate Underdeck ceilings, contact us today. Our ever expanding dealer network is happy to help customers in Virginia, California, Delaware, Washington and other states across the U.S.A.

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