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Add an Outdoor Living Room to Your Home in Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, Maryland and Beyond

outdoor living roomCreating an outdoor living room can be an easy and inexpensive project if you have a raised deck at your home. By installing durable and attractive underdecking, you can turn the unused space beneath your raised deck into a weatherproof covered patio. With the strongest and most beautiful system on the market, Ultimate Underdeck can help make this new outdoor living area a place you and will enjoy for years to come. Unlike most systems, our underdecks are professionally installed and tested to ensure they will keep your outdoor living room dry through rain, sleet or snow.

Our systems are also designed to be extremely durable with features including:

  • Ceramic-coated attaching screws that prevent wood rot on supports and corrosion on frames and panels
  • Heavy gauge aluminum alloy panels and frames that resist contraction and expansion
  • Locking frames that provide increased strength to under deck panels
  • And more

In addition to durability, the Ultimate Underdeck was engineered with aesthetics in mind. Our panels and trim are designed to provide an elegant look that is sure improve the look of your outdoor living space. The Ultimate Underdeck also comes in a wide variety of finishes, with five rich colors and five elegant wood grain laminates, so you're sure to find a style that will complement your home.

To find out more about creating an outdoor living room under your raised deck, contact Ultimate Underdeck today. We're happy to serve customers in Washington, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina and the rest of the USA.

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