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An Under Deck Roofing System for Homes in Colorado, Georgia, California, Virginia, Maryland and Nationwide

under deck roofing systemAn under deck roofing system can transform the dank area beneath your raised deck into a comfortable outdoor living space. In addition to protecting this area from rain, sleet and snow, an under deck roof can add to the beauty of your home by covering your deck’s support beams and adding some color to your home’s exterior. While there are many underdeck systems to consider when making your purchase, none can match the strength and style of the Ultimate Underdeck. The underdecking panels come in 10 attractive finishes, including wood grain laminates, which can be matched to any home’s décor. Our underdeck systems also supports fans, lights and other fixtures that help make your room more livable. We even include several architectural features in our underdeck, like trims designed to look like crown molding, which make your underdeck patio look like a natural extension of your home.

Some of the many features that make the Ultimate Underdeck so durable include:

  • Heavy gauge aluminum-titanium alloy frames and panels that won’t corrode even in heavy rain or salt air.
  • Locking panels that can support the weight of snow and ice.
  • Ceramic coated screws which help prevent wood rot on the connections to the deck.
  • Professional installation and testing to ensure your underdeck is properly supported and will perform exactly as designed.

We’re so confident that the Ultimate Underdeck will keep your outdoor living space safe and dry for as long as your deck remains standing that we offer a lifetime no-leak guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

For more information on our under deck roofing system for homes in Maryland, North Carolina, California, Washington, Virginia and throughout the Nation, contact Ultimate Underdeck today.

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