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Under Decking Systems for Washington, Colorado, Virginia and Throughout the Nation

under decking systemsUnder decking systems are cost effective additions for homes with raised decks which protect the space underneath and turn it into an comfortable outdoor room.  While there are many systems available, when you want to ensure that your new outdoor living space will be both well protected and stylish the clear choice is the Ultimate Underdeck. Our system is designed to be both the strongest and most attractive available, and is sure to make your new space feel like a natural extension of your home.

While the majority of our underdecking is made from a corrosion-resistant aluminum-titanium alloy, it’s shaped to look like wood panels and crown molding. The panels fit into a locking frame, which is secured to the decking using ceramic coated screws. These under decking materials provide the strength needed for our under decking systems to support heavy ice and snow and also allows fans, lighting and other accessories to be hung from your new under deck ceiling easily. We also offer our underdecking in 5 matte paint and 5 woodgrain laminate finishes, so there’s styles to match any type of home.

Our systems’ strength and beauty aren’t the only reasons to choose the Ultimate Underdeck. Some of the other benefits that come with ordering our underdecking include:

  • Professional installation to ensure your underdeck is installed properly, usually within 2 weeks of ordering
  • Professional testing to check that your system’s parts are performing exactly as they should
  • A lifetime warranty on both parts and labor
  • A lifetime no-leak guarantee

For more information on our under decking systems for homes in Georgia, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, California and beyond, contact Ultimate Underdeck today.

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