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Under Deck Roof Systems for Homes in Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Oregon, California and Beyond

under deck roofUnder deck roof systems can be used to transform the often neglected space beneath your raised deck into a dry, comfortable outdoor room. Effective under deck roofing needs to be strong enough to withstand any weather condition and protect your new living space from rain, snow, sleet or any other precipitation. Ultimate Underdeck is the only under deck drain on the market today with the strength needed to provide total protection to under deck areas. While vinyl systems can develop leaks as they expand and contract with changing temperatures, Ultimate Underdeck uses a heavy gauge aluminum-titanium alloy that's guaranteed to remain leak-free. This sturdy material is also highly resistant to corrosion, so even the salty air of an ocean or waterfront home won’t wear it down.

Some of the many other features that make the Ultimate Underdeck so durable include:

  • Ceramic-coated screws that prevent corrosion and wood rot.
  • Professional installation and testing that ensures your underdeck will always perform at its best.
  • A locking panel system that can even withstand the weight of ice buildup.
  • And more

Our under deck roof is not only tougher than vinyl systems, but it is also much more attractive. We offer 10 finishes, including wood grain laminates, which gives you more design options that the dull grey or beige of vinyl. Our under deck system can also support fans, lighting and other features which make your new under deck patio an even more comfortable place for you to enjoy.

For more information on having an under deck roof installed at your home in Maryland, Tennessee, California, Oregon or anywhere in the USA, contact Ultimate Underdeck today.

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