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Underdeck Waterproofing for Georgia, Washington, New York, California, and Nationwide

underdeck waterproofingIf you want to extend the comfort of your home to the outdoors, Ultimate Underdeck waterproofing systems can transform the space under your raised deck into a dry, cozy outdoor living area. While there are many underdeck waterproofing systems on the market, most incorporate vinyl construction that’s susceptible to expanding and contracting in extreme temperatures – inevitably leading to leaks. However, the superior, patented metal alloy design of the Ultimate Underdeck system not only resists leaks, but it can also handle up to 15 inches of rain per hour, yet it’s similarly priced to a vinyl under deck system.

Other advantages you’ll enjoy as the owner of an Ultimate Underdeck waterproofing system are:

  • Maintenance-Free Comfort – The Ultimate Underdeck system requires no maintenance, so you can spend your weekends enjoying your under deck living space – not repairing it.
  • Resistance to the Elements – Our waterproof under deck system can not only handle torrential downpours, but it can also withstand snow and ice. 
  • Exceptional Quality – Ultimate Underdeck systems are made with exceptionally durable materials, including a titanium-stabilized aluminum alloy frame and ceramic-coated screws.
  • Reliability – you’ll enjoy a no-leak guarantee and a lifetime labor and material warranty for as long as you own your home.

In addition to these incredible benefits, the Ultimate Underdeck system is available in a selection of 10 attractive wood grain and satin color finishes.

For more information on adding the unparalleled strength and beauty of an Ultimate Underdeck waterproofing system to your home, whether you live in Tennessee, Kentucky, Idaho, or elsewhere in the country, please contact us today.


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