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An Under Deck Ceiling for Homes in Oregon, California, Colorado and Nationwide

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Installing an under deck ceiling system for your patio is a great way to make the most out of your home’s available space. However, the dripping and drainage from your deck’s gaps makes finding a first-rate under deck system very important. Ultimate Underdeck is the sturdy system that provides beauty along with excellent under deck drainage, ensuring the patio space it covers stays dry while looking great. Unique construction and a range of attractive finishes make it the perfect alternative to dreary vinyl systems.

The Ultimate Underdeck has a variety of features which can help you get the most from your new under deck ceiling including:

  • Ten different finishes in satins and wood grains
  • Panels braced and locked into a grid
  • Heavy gauge alloy construction
  • Ceramic screws to prevent corrosion

To make sure all these features perform properly, our technicians test every one of the under decks we install. Their attention to detail ensures your under deck ceiling can handle up to 15 in. of rain per hour without any leaks, sags or other problems. If any issues do arise, you can rest assured our lifetime parts and labor warranty will keep you from paying a dime for repairs.

With dealers in Oregon, Washington, Virginia and throughout the US, getting an estimate for your Ultimate Underdeck is simple no matter where you live. To find out more about our waterproof under deck ceilings in your area, or how to become a dealer, feel free to contact us anytime.

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