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Get an Under Deck Patio in Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and the Rest of the U.S.A.

patio under deckGetting an under deck patio installed can expand your outdoor living space and creates a weatherproof area to enjoy. Ultimate Underdeck can build an under deck ceiling that will provide the drainage you need to keep your under deck area dry, along with finishes that can be matched to any home. And while most under decks only come in dull colors like white or beige, our system gives you ten beautiful finish options, including five different wood grain laminates. So whether you own a modern home in California or a traditional farm house in Virginia, you can choose a finish that will allow you to match your under deck patio to the rest of your home’s décor. In addition to aesthetics, the Ultimate Underdeck was designed with strength in mind. Our dealers professionally install and test every system, so even under rainfall as heavy as 15 inches per hour, our under deck ceiling won’t sag, break or leak.

Other features that help make Ultimate Underdeck such a durable system include:

  • Heavy-gauge alloy materials which resist rot and corrosion
  • Ceramic coated screws which prevent rust
  • A locking frame for the ceiling panels
  • And more

When you want an under deck covered patio, you can try to install a dull, flimsy vinyl system on your own or call Ultimate Underdeck. With dealers spanning the entire nation, we can analyze your deck and install your system quickly, no matter where you live. While your installation team may be gone quickly, you can count on your under deck to stick around for years because every Ultimate Underdeck comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

If you’re interested in an under deck patio for your home in Texas, Oregon, South Carolina or anywhere else in the U.S.A., call or e-mail us today.

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