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A Covered Patio Makes a Great Space in California, Maryland, Oregon and Nationwide

covered patioInstalling a covered patio makes any outdoor space more comfortable for your family and guests. There are many different types of patio covers, each with its benefits and limitations. Many factors, including your local pests, weather and house’s design, should go into deciding which of these covered patio styles is right for you.

Open cover patios are a type of covered patio which has a roof frame or some other form of partial cover built over the patio. They tend to provide more shade than direct protection and leave open sky visible. The limited protection open cover patios provide against animals and the elements usually makes them better as a decorative feature than a shelter.

A porch is the most common form of covered patio. They are built off an existing structure, such as under a raised deck, to provide a roof over some or all of the patio space. These strike a balance between shelter and openness, protecting against rain from above but allowing wind to blow through.

Enclosures, such as screened rooms and sunrooms, essentially provide an extra room by adding walls to a porch’s roof. They provide the best protection against inclement weather and vermin; though just how much varies with the enclosure’s design. However, their materials make them more expensive and their walls limit the room’s access to the outdoors.

No matter which you choose you’ll get a fresh space and more value from your home. And if you have a raised deck, take a look at the Ultimate Underdeck system. Our under deck systems create a dry covered patio beneath your existing deck and comes in finishes for every taste. To find out more information about our products and dealers in Georgia, Virginia, California, Washington, and nationwide, contact us today.

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